Data Security


Security of your client data is paramount.  Every page of the Account Management Suite is encrypted and carries a SSL certificate. Clients and Adminsitrators log in to separate platforms and there is no overlap of information from one client to the other.

All System files are held in non-publically accessible folders on a secure server so even if the unlikely event that a hacker attempted to gain entry, no client or company data will be accessible.

All database records have a double back-up security protocol, with your entire website and data-base information being saved to a separate server every 24 hours. Additionally, all client data is automatically backed up to an independant server every 4 hours.  If you wish you can receive a copy of this database file delivered to your email so you can retain a copy.

We have server options in the USA and the UK to suit different client requirements.  Please contact us if you would prefer system storage hosted in an alternative jurisdiction.